For anyone wishing to explore the material referred to in this study at first hand or to carry out a similar study, here are some links to useful sites:

Ottershaw Old Boys Society (OSOBS). This internet site is maintained by old Ottershavians, boys who attended Ottershaw School since the 2nd World War until its closure in 1981. There are number of forums including one devoted to photographs taken during school days. OSOBS also have an alumni magazine which contains many historic photographs and reminiscences of the "old boys".

Surrey History Service (Woking) A veritable mine of information on all aspects of Surrey history. The majority of the documents referred to in this study are available for reference here, including parish records, census returns, photographs, tithe and other maps, street directories. A vast collection of material collected by Hannah Lane on behalf of the Ottershaw Society is housed here as well as material from the Pardoe collection. The centre has a large number of microfilm and microfiche readers for public use and several computers for carrying out online research. There is an excellent online catalog.

Surrey Archaelogical Society (Guildford) There are a few documents of relevance to Ottershaw here, including an original sale document from 1907. Appointments only unless you are a member of the Society. The Society has only a small search room for the use of members so it is best to make an appointment with the archivist. No searchable online index.

Chertsey Museum (Chertsey) A number of documents relating to Ottershaw may be found here including a good collection of old photographs. The Museum has only a small search room so it is best to make an appointment with the archivist. Catalog available at the Museum.

National Monument Record Centre, Swindon The NMR has a large archive of aerial photographs and an enormous collection of architectural photographs of buildings in UK, estate agents catalogs, plans, miscellaneous documents. Ottershaw Park is well represented.

Royal Institute of British Architects Library An important collection of photographs, drawings, etc. of buildings and complete runs of architectural journals. Important illustrations of Ottershaw Park, principally of The Mansion and Durnford Lodge are here.

London Metropolitan Archives An important archive of London hospital documents. Source of a single wartime photo of Garden Court Cottage.

The National Archive, Kew (formerly the Public Record Office). The most important document source in UK with an excellent catalog that you can browse online. There is an online database of the 1901 census. Old wills and other documents in abundance. Papers relating to Sir George Wood and Sir Friedrich Eckstein are archived here. Also records from the National Farm Survey of 1941 and Land Valuation Survey of 1910 are housed here.

British Pathe News An website of many tens of thousands of British Pathe News items, all downloadable. Several relate to Ottershaw and Fairoaks and two to Ottershaw Park in particular.

London Gazette. Indexed downloadable copies (PDF) of this important London newpaper. Announcements of awards of honours are to be found here.

The British Library, London. Probably the best library in the country.

Ice Houses. An interesting and informative website about Ice Houses.

Christchurch, Ottershaw An interesting website with information about the church

A2A archive A comprehensive site for search for archived historical material.

1837online Birth, Marriage and Death registers website.

Land Registry online You can seach online for title deeds and plans and for a small fee download copies.

Colindale Newspaper Library - THE place to go for newspapers. Microfilms and originals in abundance.

The Times online. An online index - free to use at the TNA.

The Observer and Guardian online. An online index with downloads at cost.

The Mirror online An online index of the Daily Mirror. As of December 2007 searchable but no public downloads available.

The Bodleian Library Oxford Online index but you have to be a member to look or borrow documents and qualifying is difficult. Phenomenal resource for local history.

FreeBMD Free online index of civil registrations of Births, Marriages and Deaths 1837 - c.1920

Ancestry Good online genealogical website