Loose ends

There are of course many things which I have endeavoured to find out about Ottershaw Park and failedeither because the information is not available of because I not been smart enough to discover it yet. In addition there are several sources which I no to exist but for one reason or another I have not been able to access.

The records of Trollope and Colls. There may be plans of Ottershaw Park from the time of its rebuilding in 1910 amongst the material at .. Efforts to get access to this material have so far failed.

A letter describing Ottershaw Park refered to by S... and now in the possession of Lord Latymer and his family.

Architectural artcle. A printed page extracted found in the Chertsey Museum is from a longer article on the Mansion at Ottershaw. The original plates for the article are in the RIBA library but I have not yet been able to find the reference to the article itself.

What happened to Miss Schintz?