Readers interested in more information about Ottershaw, the Park and environs are referred to the following publications from which this account is largely drawn.

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Photographs from:-
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Document types

Ottershaw Park Estate changed hands many times during the last 250 years often reflecting the fluctuations of the owners' personal fortunes. Consequently, there is no single collection of family papers which might document the history of the estate. On the contrary documents used to trace the history are dispersed among numerous repositories. This has required searching a great variety of documents in numerous locations. Below are the main types of documents which I have used in the research of Ottershaw Park.

Sale catalogs and estate agents particulars

Census returns

Tithe maps and apportionments

Enclosure awards

Ordnance Survey maps

Other maps

Conveyance and other deeds

Post Office/Street directories

National farm survey 1941

Land valuation survey 1910


Private papers

Aural history

Land registry deeds and plans

Electoral registers


Contempory accounts

Photographs and postcards

Paintings and illustrations