Garden Court (formerly Rose) Cottage

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Garden Court Cottage in 1939
Garden Court Cottage in 2008


It has been said that Richard Crawshay had "Gardener's Cottage" built for his head gardener, but there is no building shown on this site on the 1859 sale catalog map and nor is it mentioned in the text. The first evidence appears marked on Ryde's map of Chertsey in 1865. I therefore assume that it was most likely built in the early 1860's

The first description of the property in the 1907 sale catalog which mentions a "Substantial Gardener's House" with three bedrooms and a separate wash-house and coal shed.

According to the census returns for 1871 and 1881 James Manderson, the Head Gardener, was living here with his wife. In 1871 they shared the accomodation with the undergardener, John Blythe, and in 1881 with their unmarried, adult daughter, Alice. In 1891 and 1901 the censuses show that Thomas Osman, a Gardener lived here with his wife, Annie and (in 1891) his son, Charles. Electoral registers first record Thomas at this address in 1887 and he is still listed in the 1903 Kelly's street diectory as living here.

Thomas Osman was followed by John Fraser (1906 - 1910), George Scragg (1912 - 1920) and Arthur Lawrence (1925 - 1930).

Between 1930 and 1933 Henry King was living at this address and by this time the house was supplied with electricity, water and connected to the estate sewers.

By 1934 Mr Lawrence had returned and was the gardener responsible for the estate vines.

The name Garden Court Cottage was probably introduced when Garden Court was built opposite in 1935 by Major Plummer. Local accounts recall that it was called Rose Cottage during the early part of 20th century. Major Plummer's wife Edith appears to have acquired Garden Court Cottage in 1936.

In 1939, nurses (including Nurse J.A Ellis who took a photograph of the house) evacuated from St Thomas's Hospital in London to Botleys Park Mansion, which was used as a war hospital, were billetted here.

The original house has a modern extension and the front door is now at the side of the house and the original front porch removed.

Now in private ownership.


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