Garden Court

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Garden Court in 1950's
Garden Court in 2003



Garden Court was built in 1935 within the old garden walls by a Major Noel Plummer. He later led the Ottershaw platoon of the Surrey Home Guard. By 1948 Garden Court had passed to another owner and was later bought by Douglas Miller, in 1973. Garden Court does not form part of the present Ottershaw Park Estate.

The garden walls were probably present from the earliest days of the estate, but there is some evidence that they have been subsequently rebuilt or extended. In 1819 the sale catlog describes "two kitchen gardens with extensive walls and cross walls". The 1859 sale catalog mentions that the gardens were "enclosed by newly-erected walls, 14ft high" which suggests that Richard Crawshay the owner from 1841 had made some modifications.

Friedrich Eckstein further modified the layout at the time the new mansion was built. Evidence for this can be seen from the keystone in an archway cut in the old wall separating Garden Court from No. 17 bears the date 1910.