The Inner Lodge(s)

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The Inner Lodge (Tanglewood Cottage) in 2003


A pair of of lodges are clearly shown on the Enclosure Award map dated 1802, one either side of the original coach road to the Mansion near to the site of the present day Tanglewood Cottage. After Edmund Boehm acquired additional land to the North and Northeast between 1801 and 1804 he constructed the two lodges at the new entrance to his estate in about 1805. The Ordnance Surveyors' Drawing of 1806/7 shows both pairs of lodges suggesting that the new lodges had only just been built and the old ones not yet demolished. The OS 1"/mile map of 1816 (surveyed 1811) suggests that the original pair of inner lodges had been demolished by this date.

Also shown on the 1806/7 OS Surveyors' Drawing is another new building just North of the entrance roadway on the site of the present day Tanglewood. The 1819 sale catalog refers to Johnson's Cottage at this location, but whether this has survived as the present day Tanglewood Cottage is uncertain.

By a process of elimination the "Cowmans Lodge" in the 1891 census probably refers to the Inner Lodge which at this time was occupied by Thomas Turner (Cowman), his wife Ann and their son Thomas. By 1901 this lodge seems to have been occupied by Ellen Stevenson and her brother Henry, a shepherd.

The 1907 sale catolog makes reference to "The Imposing Inner Lodge" of stone brick and tile in an Italian style. By 1931 this building was described as" The Inner Lodge or Agent's Lodge" and the tiled roof had been replaced by slate. Telephone was also available.

Between 1935 and 1937 Henry Carter, his wife and two children lived in "The Cottage" as it was then known.

The Vacuum Oil Co. used "Carter's Cottage" (as it had become known) during the early part of World War II, but in 1942 it was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence. This name "Tanglewood Cottage" was first used in Ottershaw School days and between 1960 until 1971 the property was occupied by Mr Werner Voulkner, the Assistant Gardener/Groundsman. Tanglewood Cottage was acquired by the present owners in the early 1980's.

The original building has received some extensions over the years and the house and grounds have been lovingly refurbished by the present owners.

Occupants of the Inner Lodge:

1819 Mr Johnson Sale catalog "Mr Johnson's cottage"
1841 William Grumbridge + family Census  
1851 ?William Sappey + family Census Baillif
1861 - 1871 ?Anne Sappey Censuses 1861,71  
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1901 Ellen Stevenson + brother Census  
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1935 - 1937 Henry Carter + family Electoral registers  
1942 MOD MOD requistions "Carter's cottage"
1947 Ruth Ryder + Louis MacDonald Electoral registers "Carter's cottage"
1948 Ruth Ryder Electoral registers "Carter's cottage"
1960 - 1971 Werner Voulkner London Gazette
Ottershaw School records
"Tanglewood Cottage"
Assistant Gardener/Groundsman
1981 - 2004 Mr & Mrs R Sampson    "Tanglewood Cottage"