There are a number of ancient trees on the estate. One of the oldest is probably the Cedar of Lebonan in the garden of the present no. 17 which is estimated as 250 years old. The row of Sweet Chestnut trees alongside the track south of Samsons Wood are also estimated to be similar in age. This suggests that they were planted at about the time of the establishment of the original estate in the 1760's.

The prominent row of Poplars at the far side of the meadow South of the mansion were planted by Ottershaw school in 1962.

A row of ten English Oaks were planted acroos the meadow south of the Mansion to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002.

There are some fine specimens of Wellingtonia in the grounds of Pantiles and near the North Lodges in Ottershaw Chase. Wellingtonia was introduced to England in 1858 and it is likely that these were planted soon after as they became very popular with nurserymen. One such was Mr Fletcher who lived in Coach Road just beyond the North Lodges.

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Cedar of Lebanon Lombardy Poplar Sweet Chestnut
Rhododendron Bluebell Blue Spruce
Black Poplar Deodar Cedar Corsican Pine
Pendunculate Oak Mystery 1 Lime
Scots Pine Horse Chestnut Turkey Oak
Holm Oak Wellingtonia Ash
Purple Beech    

Tree Preservation Order (TPO No. 69 (1981)) references cited where appropriate. (see Map)

Line of Lombardy Poplar trees planted 1963 (TPO 69/G3)
Photograph by J Athersuch, 2004

Line of Sweet Chestnut trees
Photograph by J Athersuch

Cedar tree in garden of no. 17 (TPO 69/T7)
Photograph by J Athersuch

Rhododendrons in Mansion fields June 2003
Photograph by J Athersuch
Note: Cedar and Bothy in background

Bluebells in Samson's wood April 2004
Photograph by J Athersuch

Blue Spruce (presented by Patricia Coaten)
Photograph by J Athersuch, 2004

Black (Italian) Poplar (TPO 69/T11)
Photograph by J Athersuch, 2004

Deodar Cedar (in garden of no. 22) (TPO 69/T4)
Photograph by J Athersuch, 2004

Clump of Corsican Pines (TPO 69/G6)
Photograph by J Athersuch, 2004

Pendunculate Oak (TPO 69/T64, T65 & T66 right to left)
Photograph by J Athersuch, 2004

Mystery Tree (Mansion meadow)
Photograph by J Athersuch, 2004