Historical Summary

To set the events at Ottershaw in context I have provided a brief list of other historical events.

Date Events in Ottershaw Park 1761 - 2003 Background historical events
1761 Land Purchased by Thomas Sewell 1756-63 Seven Years War
1760's Old Mansion built 1775 American war of Independence
1783 Original Mill built 1768-79 Cook explores Australia
1784 Inherited by Thomas Bailey Sewell  
1789 Map by Lindley & Crosley is first to show estate - a mansion, Bothy, Home Farm and 2 South lodges, possibly 2 Inner lodges.  The western ponds and the Little and Great Blackmole ponds are shown. 1789-95 French revolution
1791 Mozart writes The Magic Flute
1795/6 Purchased by Edmund Boehm 1795 First horse-drawn railway in England
1797 Dunford Mill built to replace earlier one 1799 Rosetta stone discovered
c.1800 "Enclosure" map (published 1819) shows  Mansion (apparently without conservatories), Bothy comprising a cluster of indistinct buildings, Home Farm, 2 South lodges and 2 Inner lodges. 1800 British population is 9.25 million
1801 Union of Great Britain and Ireland
1800 - 1819 Boehm purchased heathland to the NE of the estate and built the 2 North lodges, mansion improved, gothic "chapel" erected to house kitchen, diary, bakehouse. Cottage in Bonsey's Lane by this time. Tanglewood and Ice House built by this time. 1804 Trevethick's steam engine
1805 Battle of Trafalgar
1819 Purchased by Sir George Wood  1820-30 George IV
1824 Inherited by George Wood Jnr 1825 Stockton to Darlington Railway
1830's Estate leased to Lord Belfast and Richard Crawshay 1820-30 William IV
1841 Purchased by Richard Crawshay 1837-1901 Victoria
1841 - 1859 Improvements to estate; new bailiff's house (at Home Farm), farm buildings. A brewhouse was built in Bothy (where nos 18/19 are now).  Berwin Park built in Bonsey's Lane by this time. Garden Court Cottage possibly built at this time. 1840 First postage stamp
1851 Crystal Palace opens
1853 Florence Nightingale's first training school
1854-56 Battle of Balaclava
1859 Purchased by Sir Thomas Colebrook 1859 Darwin's Origin of Species published
1864 Christ Church consecrated, vicarage built 1863 London Underground opens
1865 South Lodges demolished and replaced by Woking Lodge  
1868 Conservatories removed from mansion, E Wing built to house kitchen; Gothic building converted to Laundry 1867 Votes for all male householders in towns
1870 Ottershaw junior school opened 1869-70 Spanish Revolution
1883 Purchased by Lawrence Baker 1881 First Boer war
1880's Terrace of 4 Dunford cottages built to replace earlier cottages 1884 Votes for all male householders
1890's Dunford Mill demolished, new cottages built in Bonsey's Lane  
1896 Parish room built 1899-1902 Second Boer war
1907 Tennis & Croquet lawns west of present day tennis courts.  

Purchased by Sir Fredreich Gustav Jonathan Eckstein
Old Mansion demolished, New Mansion built, Bridge built, Bothy partly rebuilt, North lodges enlarged, North lodge gates replaced. Gardens improved, Dunford cottages converted to Dunford House

1909 Bleriot first to cross English Channel by plane
1911 Amundsen reaches South Pole
1912 Titanic sinks

1914-18 Mansion used as Auxillary War Hospital for officers 1914-18 First World War
1918 Votes for all males over 21
1919/21 Leased/Purchased by Miss Susan Dora Cecilia Schintz

1919 Votes for women over 30

1930 Miss Schintz files for bankruptcy. Outlying farms sold. 1928 Votes for women over 21
1929 Wall Street Crash- Great Depression
1931 Outlying areas purchased by Ottershaw Park Investment Company  
1932 Inner estate purchased by Ottershaw College 1933 Adolf Hitler appointed German Chancellor
1934 Other areas of the estate sold separately.  
1935/6 Garden Court, Woodwind, Blackmole and new vicarage built.   
1936/7 Houses on Woking Road built 1937 Hindenberg airship disaster
1930's Theatre added to West wing of Mansion (now no.24 The Mansion), Science labs (now no. 20 Ottershaw Park) and Squash Court (no. 23 Ottershaw Park) built, Tennis courts constructed  
1939 Ottershaw College closes  
1940 - 45 Much of estate requisitioned by MOD and woodland used as military vehicle park. Road to South lodges widened. Mobil use Mansion as headquarters 1939-45 Second World War
1945 Compulsory purchase by SCC

1945 George Orwell's Animal Farm.
1945 UN established

1948 Ottershaw school established 1947 Dead Sea Scrolls discovered
1951 West House (now part of Tulk House), Chestnuts, Romany, Windfall and Mayfield (now nos. 7-10) built 1950 World population 2.3 billion
1953 Cricket pavillion built  
c 1960 Wey Farm and 69 Chobham Road built 1961 Uri Gargarin is first man in space
1962 Gothic "chapel" demolished; Gymnasium (now Amberleigh and Mandalay)  built on site.  Tulk House built.  
1969/70 Woodstock, Lynwood, Florenza and Windrush - now numbers 11-14 and the Headmasters House (now no. 26 - Pantiles) built 1967 First heart transplant by Dr Barnard
1969 First man on the Moon
1970-72 Sixth form blocks built (now Arlington, no.27 and Silverlawns, no.28)  
1981 Ottershaw Park converted to residential estate.  Numbers 1 - 6 and 22 built  
1983 Old vicarage demolished; site occupied by housing (=Beech Hill) 1984 Macintosh launch first computer with mouse
1985 Ottershaw C of E school converted to residences (=Colebrooke Place)  
2001 Bramshill replaced 2000 - Human DNA genome sequencing completed
2006 Garden Court replaced