Xinqing Forestry Railway (762mm)
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Map of the forestry railways around Xinqing (courtesy Jeff Lanham)

Thick lines = 762mm gauge forestry railway track
Thin lines = standard gauge CR track
Dotted lines = track gauge unknown

In May 1985 I had the opportunity to visit NE China and spent 10 days travelling by train from Shenyang to Changchun, Harbin, Qiqihar, Suihua, Jiamusi, Mudanjiang. An illustrated account of the entire journey will appear on the website sooner or later!

On my journey I travelled up the line from Nancha to Wuyiling as far as Xinqing. From here I was taken by Chinese guides to a narrow gauge forestry railway. It was unclear at the time exactly where I was taken but but after comparing the locomotive numbers with a list compiled Jeff Lanham from a number of contributors I am fairly sure that it was on the Xinqing network.

Class C2 0-8-0 locomotives Nos 018, 022, 024 and 11045 were hard at work hauling logs in from the forest and returning with empty rakes. My time there was very limited and there was no time to explore further.

The Xinqing line was opened in 1957 and no. 11045 was built in Shjiazhuang in 1964.


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My first sighting of a C2 class locomotive - no. 018 arriving at Xinqing with a full load of logs in May 1986.

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Class C2 no. 022 awaiting duties at Xinqing May 1986

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Class C2 no. 022 at the servicing point, Xinqing in May 1986

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Class C2 no. 024 on a rake of empties

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Class C2 no. 11045 at Xinqing in May 1986